100 light, passenger- and wagon-type vehicles displayed at Hokkaido Camping Car Festival

Various types of camping cars on display at the venue
A family checking out the interior space

The Hokkaido Camping Car Festival 2022, featuring the latest campervans, was held in Sapporo on April 2-3. Approximately 100 vehicles were on display, including light, passenger vehicles and wagons that are easy to maneuver even for novice drivers, and visitors were able to compare the comfort and equipment of the vehicles. Held every year, this year was the 25th such event.

 The vehicles on display ranged from light, passenger vehicles, priced in the 2 million yen range, to vehicles with refined interiors priced at approximately 17 million yen. Highly insulated vehicles for use in winter camping, and those fitted with solar panels that are useful in the event of disasters, attracted visitors’ interest.

 Couples considering use during retirement, and families raising children listened intently to the explanations of the sales representatives. A company owner from Sapporo who camps with his family of three said, “It is difficult to assemble a tent when camping, so I am thinking about a trailer type that can be transported when necessary.”

 According to the Japan Recreational Vehicle Association (Yokohama), an industry organization, domestic sales of campervans, including used vehicles, reached a record high of 63.5 billion yen, three times more than that of 10 years ago. In addition to the recent boom in outdoor activities, the number of buyers is expected to increase due to the growing popularity of camping, which can be enjoyed by avoiding the ‘3 Cs’ during COVID-19 regulations.