Accelerated development and enhanced competitiveness as IST enters manmade satellite business

The new headquarters and factory of venture company Interstellar Technologies Inc. (IST) that was being built in the town of Taiki in the Tokachi region of Eastern Hokkaido, has been completed. The company’s new buildings will be used to accelerate rocket development, with the company announcing its entrance into the satellite development business on December 21 last year. Work will begin on Japan’s first integrated rocket and manmade satellite development, helping to accelerating competitiveness in the space industry.

The headquarters comprise two buildings – a 2-story office building with rooms for producing electrical systems and engines on the first floor, and the company’s offices and meeting spaces on the second. The building can accommodate up 100 workers – double the current number of 50 employees. Employees of the new manmade satellite development company ‘Our stars’ will also utilize the offices.
In the other building – a one-story structure – it will be possible to build the small sounding rocket MOMO and satellite-carrying rocket ZERO, which until now took place at the launch site.
According to company CEO Inagawa Takahiro, “It will be possible to carryout MOMO’s complex building work simultaneously and accelerate work aimed at mass production.”


Interstellar Technologies Inc.