As the winter wheat turns golden, harvesting in Tokachi begins in earnest

The harvesting of winter wheat that was sown in autumn has begun in earnest in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido, which is one of Japan’s most prolific wheat producing regions. Blessed with favorable weather conditions, the crops are said to be good, as producers use combine harvesters to reap the wheat that shines golden in the sun.

In the town of Otofuke in the Tokachi region, which in 2020 boasted a wheat yield of 38,500 tons – the largest in Japan, harvesting began on July 20. The wheat yield of the Tokachi region is approximately 233,000 tons (in 2020), which accounts for one quarter of the wheat produced in the whole of Japan. According to the Agricultural Affairs Division of the Tokachi Subprefecture Promotion Bureau, “The wheat is growing well and the number of ears is slightly higher than usual” prompting expectations for an above-average yield this year. Harvesting is expected to continue until early August.

Ears of golden wheat sway in the breeze as a combine harvester proceeds with the harvest


Otofuke Town