Eniwa Flower Tour tourism program of 6 city gardens registered on national system

‘Hanafuru,’ a tourist spot where summer flowers bloom, is one of the gardens that is part of the ‘Eniwa Flower Tour’ plan and is familiar to locals. Photographed last July

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Garden Tourism Registration System has decided to register a plan to tour six gardens and areas in the city of Eniwa, including the tourist area ‘Hanafuru’. This is the second such registration in Hokkaido. The plan aims to promote Eniwa as a city of flowers, by creating a program to tour gardens on foot or by taxi and the like.

  The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) established this program in 2019, with the aim of revitalizing regions and promoting garden culture. In Hokkaido, the ‘Hokkaido Garden Road,’ a program that tours eight gardens in the Tokachi-Kamikawa region, was registered in the tour category during the first year of the program. Eniwa’s plan is scheduled to be registered in the exploration category.
  The plan was created by the Eniwa Garden Tourism Council, a group of eight public- and private-sector organizations, including the Beautiful Megumino Flower Town Development Promotion Council, the Megumino Store Association, and Eniwa City.
  The period of the plan is the tourism season between June and September. The program proposal includes a walking course from JR Megumino Station to the Garden Gallery along the shopping street in the Megumino district, and from a residential area to Hanafuru, where visitors can enjoy flowers. A bicycle or taxi course to the Galaxy Gardens in the Ecorin Village and the café in the Sun Garden was also considered. The courses will also provide opportunities to interact with local residents by inviting participants to hands-on events in the city, such as flower planting at Hanafuru and hydrangea picking in Megumino Chuo Park.
  Tour maps and activity programs will be based on existing ones. The Garden Tourism Council will disseminate information via Facebook and post QR codes at JR stations in the city.
  Uchikura Mayumi, the representative secretariat of the council and president of Garden Island Hokkaido, a non-profit organization that provides information on gardens throughout Hokkaido, said, “Flowers bloom in gardens, parks and streets throughout the entire city, so it’s a great opportunity for people get to know more about Eniwa, which is full of charm and where people can meet through flowers.”