Horsehair crabs herald spring with first landing at Oumu Fishing Port

Basket fishing for horsehair crab – which heralds the coming of spring on the Okhotsk Sea coast – has begun, with approximately 3.9 tons of horsehair crab landed at the Oumu Fishing Port in the town of Oumu in the Okhotsk region on March 17.

 At approximately 4:30 a.m. on the 16th, the date fishing regulations were lifted, 9 boats from the Oumu Fisheries Cooperative left the port to collect the baskets that had been set off the coast. The amount landed was approximately 2.8 tons more than last year. “It’s a little less than usual but better than last year,” said a smiling Yotsuji Yuji, captain of the No. 32 Seiun-maru fishing boat.

Fishing is scheduled to continue until July.


Oumu Fishing Port