Hot spring water shipped in a tank, starting in March

Hayashi displays the spring source for "Kogane Hot Spring". It spouts 180 liters of hot spring water per minute.
The tank truck Hayashi newly manufactured for delivering hot spring water

Farmer Hayashi Kenji (52), who runs hot spring facilities called “Kogane Onsen” in central Hokkaido’s Kogane, Rankoshi Town, will launch a delivery service in March of hot spring water attained at his own private home property. The water will be delivered in tanks by truck to vacation homes and lodging facilities in areas including the nearby Niseko region. From October onward, new hot spring excavation will in general no longer be allowed around the Hirafu district area, which is the center of the Niseko region. This led Hayashi to decide that demand for hot spring water delivery would solidify.

In October of last year, Hayashi newly manufactured a tank truck that can carry up to 4,000 liters of hot spring water at one time. He will load the tank with water from a hot spring on his private property that spouts 180 liters per minute, and deliver the water. Hayashi will start delivering hot spring water to vacation homes in the Niseko region in March, but he also reports receiving inquiries for delivery from places including Sapporo as well.

Hayashi’s spring water source was originally attained in the excavation of hot underground water on his own private home land as a heat source for farming greenhouse facilities. In 2002, he opened a hot spring facility serving the general public called “Kogane Hot Spring”. The spring water is cloudy with a slightly yellowish hue, and is relatively heavily carbonated.

Hayashi will continue to run “Kogane Hot Spring” while also delivering spring water. Currently the facilities are closed for the winter season, but after undergoing a reform, it will reopen for business in April.