Kembuchi tourist ranch sells soft, raw alpaca wool online

Viva Alpaca Farm, a tourist ranch in the town of Kembuchi in the Kamikawa region, has begun online sales of raw wool harvested from the alpacas that are raised there.
Straight alpaca hair is lighter and smoother to the touch than curly sheep wool. It is also less likely to form hairballs. The straw-like hair also has excellent heat retention properties as a layer of air is created inside. The company decided to sell the wool online as demand is high from visitors who ask to purchase it.
The raw wool comes in four colors: white, gray, brown, and black. The wool is washed to remove debris, but is not ‘carded,’ meaning that the direction of the hairs is not aligned. This means customers can enjoy creating shades freely by carding several colors of raw wool together. Prices start at 2,720 yen per 100 grams. Visit the ranch’s online store at

Raw alpaca wool that the tourist ranch has started to sell


Viva Alpaca Farm