Kyoto temporary staff agency "Progre" forecasts cleaning demand, opens up location in Niseko

"Progre North" handles cleaning services for resort hotel "Miru Niseko" in Kutchan's Kabayama district. The company branched into Niseko from Kyoto.

Progre Co., Ltd. is a temporary staff agency in Kansai Prefecture that specializes in areas including hotel cleaning. It projected an increase in demand for cleaning in the rapidly increasing number of lodging facilities in the Niseko region, an area famous as a winter resort region. Progre opened up a new local company in Niseko last spring. By sending cleaning staff back and forth between Kyoto and Niseko, which have different busy seasons, they can eliminate the problem of insufficient staffing in wintertime Niseko. The goal is to expand their enterprise using a business model that shares limited human resources between tourist regions.

Progre launched in Kyoto in 2004. It handles cleaning operations for eight hotels in Kyoto Prefecture, centering on the “Miru Kyoto” hotel, the same brand as the resort hotel “Miru Niseko” in Kutchan’s Kabayama district.

Miru Niseko first came to Niseko in 2018 under the name “Nest At The Trees”. It changed to its current name in 2020. It originally relied on cleaning services from a different company, but Manager Nishi Yushi commented, “The quality of cleaning techniques fluctuated immensely depending on the cleaners, and we just were not satisfied with the finished work.” The hotel had already done business with Progre, and decided to reach out to them. With joint financing from the Singapore based hotel operating company “Strategic Development” and Progre, “Progre North Co., Ltd.” was established in April of last year to handle Niseko region service.

Without a clear end to the novel coronavirus pandemic yet in sight, job orders to date have reportedly only been a few requests for single cleanings of condominiums and the like. With an eye on business after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, President Miso Yuki commented, “Winter staffing is a problem for Niseko. In our busy season, we want to take in professional cleaning staff from Kyoto and increase service quality.” This business model of placing hubs in other tourist areas that have different characteristics is bound to attract attention.


Miru Niseko