Large shellfish landed as Notsuke Bay clam-fishing season begins

Clams landed at the ‘development zone’ in Notsuke Bay

The spring clam-fishing season in Notsuke Bay in the town of Betsukai in the Nemuro region of eastern Hokkaido began on March 30, and 1.2 tons of large, black clams were landed during the first catch. The clam fishing began in the ‘development zone’ of the artificial tidal flats. From April 2, the fishermen also operated in the natural fishing grounds.

 On the morning of March 30, fifteen fishermen began work in a 5-hectare area next to the Odaito Fishing Port, which is just part of a total of seven artificial areas. They inserted a pole connected to a basket with an iron claw into the sandy bottom of the water, and shook the pole to dig up the shellfish. Shinhama Eiji, the fishing port manager said, “The fishing is going well. The flesh of the clams is good, too.”

 Due to the false claims of the origin of imported clams in Kumamoto Prefecture, demand for clams produced in Hokkaido have been increasing, and at the auction at the Notsuke Fisheries Cooperative Market on January 30, the price of clams was 780 to 800 yen per kilogram, much more than the 540 to 640 yen on the first day of the previous year. In the previous year, a total of 314 tons were landed, and the average unit price was 529 yen per kilogram.
Spring clam fishing continues until the spawning season starts in mid-July.


Notsuke Bay