Mini bonfires, usable even inside tents - Sapporo company develops

A Sapporo company that operates a business that uses mini bonfires developed a system that lets users enjoy mini bonfire at the dining table, and is selling to hotels and tourism companies. The company made it possible to use mini bonfires inside tents by adjusting air conditioning and other factors. The goal is to popularize this as new equipment to let people enjoy mini bonfires casually at event venues, etc., in the ongoing camping boom.

The developer is “Takibi Bunkasha” established by Fujii, who runs a “Mini bonfire Cafe” in Sapporo. Using a cone-shaped one-pole tent made in Sweden, planking is spread out 15 centimeters above the ground surface, and an air blower delivers warm air from under the planking in the winter and cold air in the summer.

The warm and cold air from the space under the planking flows upwards as an updraft, ventilating the cooking smoke through the ventilation window open at the top of the tent. The tent air is completely ventilated in approximately 30 seconds, and there is reportedly no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fujii comments, “These can be used to make winter beer gardens for cold season events, like during the Sapporo Snow Festival. I want to see them used in places like hotel plots and building rooftops.”

Sales are handled by the Sapporo-based Back Bone company involved in the glamping industry. The price is approximately four million yen for an entire set including a tent, chairs, and air conditioning system. The set is also available as a rental for approximately 300 thousand yen per day.