Naganuma MAOI Distillery to produce whisky as well as wine. Officially opens on May 1

MAOI, a winery located in the town of Naganuma in the Sorachi region of central Hokkaido, has completed a new facility, the Maoi Distillery, in a vineyard in the town. The facility, which also includes a wine store, held a pre-opening event on March 19 and will officially open on May 1. Both the distillery and wine store will only open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
The company has approximately 12 hectares of hillside vineyards and, as well as producing wine and brandy, plans to make whisky using only Hokkaido-produced ingredients.
The second-floor terrace where the store is located overlooks the Ishikari Plain and, in particular, views of the sunset are said to be a strong sales point. Company CEO Hayashi Hidekuni says, “We want people from all walks of life to drink our alcohol. When the inbound tourists return, we hope many foreigners will visit us.” During the pre-opening period, the company will sell out their entire stock of wines at discounts of up to 40%.

CEO Hayashi talks of his aspirations to produce whisky and brandy, while standing in front of the 1,000-liter still produced in Scotland


MAOI Distillery