New Ohta Seiki manufactured wolf walks and threatens

Ohta Seiki is a manufacturer of “Monster Wolf” wild animal repelling devices in the town of Naie in Central Hokkaido. It is currently developing a new self-propelled model that can move around fields on four legs. Their goal is to warn away wild animals like deer and bears more effectively than traditional stationary models and achieve a higher repellant effect. They hope to conduct field tests in farmland in 2022, and are displaying a devotion to actualizing “robotic countermeasures for damage from wild animals.”

“Wolf” is a device modeled after the animal of the same name that drives off wild animals like deer with sound and light. It drives off animals by shaking its neck left and right, flashing lights from its eyes, and emitting sound. Approximately one hundred models are at work in field cropland both in and outside of Hokkaido. Customers have been expressing a desire for a self-propelled mobile version, and Ohta Seiki launched into development last year.

The prototype completed this month is approximately one meter in total length and employs a preexisting Chinese-made four-legged locomotion robot. The robot has motors in the thigh-hip connecting area and the knee joints, and balances itself while walking through pressure sensors on the underside of the feet.

Ohta Seiki dubbed their prototype “Real Monster Wolf” and displayed it at the “Wild Animal Management” exposition held at Tokyo Big Site from November 24 to 26. Ohta Seiki is still unsure when the prototype will be ready for commercialization, but they are pushing ahead with development for efforts such as automated field patrols. Company President Ohta Yuji commented, “We want to make this the ultimate repellant machine that is even able to move around.”

First "Real Monster Wolf" display prototype (November 25, Tokyo Big Site)


Ohta Seiki