Olympic medal cases sent to Games Organizing Committee

Yamagami Mokko’s managing director with completed medal cases

Yamagami Mokko, a furniture manufacturer in eastern Hokkaido’s Tsubetsu Town, dispatched 5,000 medal cases for the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games to the Games Organizing Committee (Tokyo) on July 24.
The round cases are 12 cm in diameter and 6 cm in thickness. Tamo, which is a hard wood that represents the indomitable spirit of athletes, was processed by skilled craftsmen using precision machinery and painted in an auspicious dark blue called “kachi-iro” (victory colour).
The company’s managing director looked back on the experience with a smile saying, “We sometimes felt like running away because of the pressure of having to make all 5,000 cases at the highest standard, but now we’re deeply satisfied.” The Olympic Games that were supposed to open on July 24 have been postponed to the next summer due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. The managing director is looking forward to the day when the cases will be handed to the medallists.


Yamagami Mokko