Cosmetics company SHIRO plans to open "Minnano-Kojo" in Sunagawa, May 2023

Imagined rendering of the outside of "Minnano-Kojo", slated for construction by SHIRO

Cosmetics production and sales company SHIRO announced an overview of a new factory slated to start construction in the city of Sunagawa this year. The official name is “Minnano-Kojo” (Everyone’s Factory). The factory will feature an add-on facility where visitors from both within and outside of the city can freely enjoy themselves, including areas like a lounge and play space for children. SHIRO aims for this to be, “A place where anyone can come and have an amazing experience.”

The new factory will be constructed at the site of a defunct elementary school in Sunagawa. It is part of the “Minnano-Sunagawa Project”, a SHIRO initiative aiming to revitalize the community with cooperation from city residents. The general overview of the factory was based partially on feedback obtained by holding a total of nine workshops with city residents in formats including online sessions.
The factory space will include facilities such as a research and development area, materials preprocessing area, and mixing area, and will possess the capacity to produce approximately 800 thousand cosmetics and related products per month. It will be directly connected to the attached facility area for visitors, and the work area will feature glass windows allowing visitors to freely see the production process.

The attached facility area will feature a lounge and cafe with long tables as well as a kid’s space with a jungle net hanging up at the ceiling area. Furthermore, the SHIRO Sunagawa main shop currently operating in Sunagawa city along the national highway will be transferred to inside the new factory, and a new SHIRO shop will open. The shop will feature a “Fragrance Bar” (provisional title) and sell unique perfumes blended to the customer’s personal preferences. The new factory is slated to start construction in May. The factory area is slated to start operating in December, and the attached facilities are slated to open in May 2023. SHIRO commented, “We are getting everything ready and are excited about all of the people who will come visit.”


A new factory of SHIRO