Seven Nanae-brand ‘Nanamitsuki’ apples sold for 70,000 yen at first auction

Wholesalers taking part in the Nanamitsuki auction

This year’s first auction of ‘Nanamitsuki’ apples, the original brand of the town of Nanae in southern Hokkaido, took place at the Hakodate Regional Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market on November 12. One box of seven apples with a net weight of 3 kg was auction-off for 70,000 yen, the same record-high price as the past 5 years.
According to the wholesaler who made the successful bid, “As the economy has slumped due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I thought it would help promote Southern Hokkaido, so I did what I could.”
The Nanamitsuki brand name is only attained by apples that satisfy certain standards, such as lack of blemishes and levels of nectar they contain. The apples have yellow peels with faint red markings, and the juice is sweet.


Hakodate Regional Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market