Energetic Shinhidaka "Selection Sale", highest price 66,000,000 yen for one horse

"Three Arrow 2020" was purchased in a 66,000,000 yen bid, the highest price at the market 

A “Selection Sale” auction for one year old horses was held in Hokkaido Market in Central Hokkaido’s Shinhidaka City on July 27. The overall sales as well as the per-horse average selling price and sale rate were all record breakers, displaying a clear energetic boost. Following last year’s example, the auction incorporated COVID-19 spreading countermeasures such as limits on admission, hand and finger sanitizing, and temperature measuring.

The market included only high quality horses that were carefully screened from among producing ranches that applied for permission to sell. This year 234 horses were included in the market, which is an increase of 11 horses compared to last year. 202 of the horses were sold, culminating in a sales increase of 18 more horses than last year.

With tax included for all of the following, the total sales amount this year was 4,015,770,000 yen, a 12% increase from last year, the average sales price per horse was 19,880,000 yen, a 380,000 yen increase from last year, and the sales rate was 86.32%, a 3.81 point increase from last year. The highest sales price was 66,000,000 yen for “Three Arrow 2020”, raised by Fujiwara Farm (Shinhidaka Town).

The Hidaka Horse Breeder’s Association Chairperson commented, “The results far exceeded our expectations. The auctions were lively right from the beginning, starting the overall mood out on an energetic note. I’m hoping the August Summer Sale will also be great.”
A Shadai Farm representative who came from Chitose to purchase a horse reported, “When I talk to horse producers about horses, their exuberant passion really shows through.” Regarding the increase in average selling price per horse, the representative commented, “I think the number of horse owners is also increasing. Appearances were made by Contrail, last year’s undefeated Triple Crown winner, and Daring Tact, last year’s undefeated Fillies Triple Crown winner, and the media showering excited attention on the event was probably also a factor as well.”


Hokkaido Market in Shinhidaka City