Toyonishi Farm to launch new "Obihiro Beef" brand this summer

Company President Ogura Shuji and crossbred cattle raised at Toyonishi Farm for a new brand-beef initiative

This summer, the farming corporation Toyonishi Farm located in the Tokachi region city of Obihiro plans to launch the brand beef “Obihiro Beef” (temporary working name), a crossbreed of Japanese black and Holstein cattle. This is another project following the Toyonishi Farm’s Holstein “Toyonishi Beef” brand. There are many beef brands that incorporate the name “Tokachi”, but not many that use “Obihiro”. Toyonishi Farm comments, “We want to develop a high quality brand that will live up to the Obihiro reputation.”

The farm fattens approximately 3,400 Holstein cows on a diet of locally grown coarse feed, and started shipping beef in 2013 under a name that pays homage to the region, “Toyonishi Beef”. Riding a wave of beef popularity due to a red meat health trend, in 2016 the farm spent 150 million yen to construct a new processing plant in Obihiro. They are also enhancing their product lineup with processed items such as hamburger patties, and now serve over 300 buyers across and outside of Japan.

These crossbreed cows have more marbling than the Holstein breed. In response to requests from grilled meat shops and the food-service industry, Toyonishi Farm started fattening cattle in 2016 with the goal of diversifying their business operations. This beef is known for having an exquisite balance of marbling to red meat, a full bodied aroma, and a delicious flavor. The Farm has given it the nickname “Blended Beef” to capture the feeling of high quality, and is accentuating its uniqueness from Toyonishi Beef.

The logo design is slated for finalization by August. A presentation event will be held at the Obihiro-located “Cowbell House” restaurant. Executive Director Ogura Hiroki commented, “We also want to export internationally, to areas like Hong Kong and Taiwan.”


Toyonishi Farm