Acrylic panels between beer garden seats

Beer gardens are now open in commercial facilities and other places in downtown Sapporo. However, some major locations, such as the Sapporo Odori Beer Garden, are closed due to the novel coronavirus. Each venue has come up with ways for infection control, such as the introduction of a self-service drink system.
Two beer gardens on the 7th floor of nORBESA in Chuo Ward (South 3 West 5) opened on June 26, two weeks later than usual. One of them, Aloha Amigo, has reduced seats by 100 from last year to 250 and placed acrylic panels between seats to prevent exposure to droplets. It also conducts thorough temperature screening and disinfection of customers and employees.

Sky Garden Susukino, which newly opened on July 1 at South 4 West 5, employs a self-service drink system and uses disposable plastic cups for some drinks.

The beer garden of the Pivot commercial building (South 2 West 4) has reduced seats from the usual 450 to 150 and gives priority to customers who reserve seats in advance (groups of up to four) to prevent infection.