All-you-can-eat Yubari melon! Individual customer demand recovers

Tourists thoroughly enjoying the all-you-can-eat at Melon Terrace

All-you-can-eat Yubari melon is being offered at two locations in the city of Yubari, and garnering high praise. Tourism is reviving mainly among individual tourists, and the customer count for both locations is surpassing last year’s numbers.

Yubari melon sales company Yushin (Sapporo) is offering an all-you-can-eat for melons in the ventilated greenhouse called “Natsu Zora” (Summer Sky) situated to the side of Yubari Melon Dome, and Yubari based travel company Next-Yubari-Halks, Inc. is offering one at the city agricultural cooperative signature product center “Melon Terrace”.

Of these two locations, Natsu Zora has focused mainly on group tour customers in the past, and has sales for this year that are five times the sales brought in last year. Reportedly, as many as thirty customers visit on the weekend. In addition to the revival of tourism demand, Yushin has also launched its first Internet reservation website this year. This is being analyzed as linking to an influx in individual customers.

The other location, Melon Terrace, is geared towards individual customers. 1,500 customers have come to the shop since it launched its all-you-can-eat melon service approximately two weeks ago on June 25. At this pace, they stand to surpass the 2,000 customers from last year, in which they were only open for one month.

On July 14, a man who came with his four coworkers on a day trip from Obihiro City said, “This all-you-can-eat is the main event of our mini-trip. It is amazingly sweet,” and seemed very satisfied.

The service periods for each location are as listed below.
Natsu Zora: Until early August
Melon Terrace: Until August 15


Melon Terrace