Attempt on giant croquette Guinness World Record at this year’s Assabu Summer Festival

The giant croquette at the Assabu Summer Festival held three years ago in July 2019

The executive committee of the Assabu Furusato Summer Festival, which is known for making a giant croquette using locally produced potatoes from the town of Assabu in the Hiyama region of southern Hokkaido, has decided to hold the festival in front of the town hall on July 23. This year’s festival, the first in three years, will include the first attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a giant croquette.
According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current world record for a giant croquette is 225.8 kg and was set in the Netherlands in 2007. This time, an attempt will be made to make a 300 kg croquette. A record attempt was also planned for 2021, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. Official Guinness World Record adjudicators will be on hand to judge the event.
In order for the record to be recognized, the giant croquette must be completely consumed at the event after cooking, and must be of the same quality as a regular croquette. A Town official says, “The rule is that the whole croquette must be eaten in order for the record to be recognized, so if there are not enough visitors, it might not be achieved. We hope that many people from the town and beyond will visit the event.”


Town hall of Assabu