Attracting customers with one-coin-lunch service - Many izakayas join in

Sapporo restaurants and bars are facing an increasingly difficult business environment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among the “izakaya” bars located in extremely competitive central Sapporo areas like Odori in Chuo-ku, many establishments have started focusing on lunchtime business and implemented a one-coin-lunch option available for about 500 yen in an attempt to increase sales even a small amount and ultimately lead to increased night time customer count as well.

Two-Color Rice Bowl with Tuna and Salmon" at "Umie Kita-sanjo Branch"

– “Uokassen to Aburiyaki Umie” Kita-sanjo Branch
The menu offers six options including “Yakitori Rice Bowl ” and “Negitoro Rice Bowl”. Especially popular selections are “Shrimp Tempura Rice Bowl” topped with five tempura shrimp and “Two-Color Rice Bowl with Tuna and Salmon”.

"Eggplant Bolognese Sauce Pasta" at "Tanto Ekimae Dori Branch"

– “Kushidori No Wine Bar Tanto – Ekimae Dori Branch”
The lunch rotates between “Eggplant Bolognese Sauce Pasta” and “Mille-feuille Beef Cutlet”. Salad and soup is included, and a drink bar is also available in this one-coin-menu.

"Kushikatsu Set" at "Tetchan Tokeidaidorimae Branch"
"Pork Shabu Set" at "Uminomono Yamanomono Kitagunino"

-“Kushiage and Sushi Bar Tetchan Tokeidaidorimae Branch”
Terrace seating has been added to keep customers safe from the “Three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings). The lunch menu includes bargain items like the “Kushikatsu Set” with five kushikatsu skewers and the “Three-Breed Pork Loin Cutlet Rice Bowl” (600 yen).

– “Uminomono Yamanomono Kitagunino”
This establishment changed from an izakaya bar to a shabu-shabu restaurant in June. The lunchtime “Pork Shabu Set” is a value price of one-coin + consumption tax = 550 yen.

The one-coin-lunch also makes it easy to stop in and check out the atmosphere of establishments that have been catching your eye. And with no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, these special deals might be on the rise in the future.