Beef cattle ranch Yoshida Bokujo ranks top in Hokkaido at wagyu competition fair

Mr. Yoshida (right) won the top award for all of Hokkaido

Shiraoi Town beef cattle ranch Yoshida Bokujo owner Mr. Yoshida shipped and entered Shiraoi beef in the “Japanese Black beef category” of a beef cattle competition fair held in Obihiro City in November called “Hokkaido Edaniku Kyoreikai” (Hokkaido Dressed Beef Carcass Fair). He won the top award for the No. 1 position in all of Hokkaido. This marks the first top award for Shiraoi Town in a decade, since 2010.
The “Hokkaido Edaniku Kyoreikai” fair meets every year. This year, 144 beef carcasses from all over Hokkaido were exhibited, and exhibitors competed over factors like marbling. Yoshida Bokujo beef also received high praise at the “Nittan Kuroge Washu Edaniku Kyoreikai” (Nittan Japanese Black Dressed Beef Carcass Fair), which was also held in November. In fact, it won the top award and second chair position in outstanding distinction.


Shiraoi Town