Beer made with ‘Shiroi Koibito’ ingredients goes on sale

Limited edition ‘Shiroi Koibito Beer’

On November 15, Ishiya Co., Ltd. (Sapporo) and major tea sales company Lupicia (Niseko, Shiribeshi region) released a limited quantity of ‘Shiroi Koibito Beer,’ made using part of the ingredients of Shiroi Koibito, a popular product of Ishiya. The beer is said to have a characteristically sweet, milky taste with a harmonious aroma of hops.
The beer is available at Shiroi Koibito Park in Nishi-ku, Sapporo, as well as at Lupicia’s stores in Hokkaido, and online shop. It will also be available at Hokkaido airports and major JR stations from December 1. The 330-ml bottles will be available at a price determined by the retailer, and Lupicia’s stores and online shop will sell the product for 660 yen.

A man from Sapporo, who bought the beer at Lupicia’s Sapporo Aurora Town store, said “I never thought Shiroi Koibito would become beer. I’m looking forward to tasting it.”


Shiroi Koibito Park

Lupicia's Sapporo Aurora Town store