Bright red apples

Abundant orchard apple crop

Apple harvesting is reaching its peak in Otoecho in Fukagawa City. At an orchard that is also now open for apple picking, Japan’s main “Tsugaru” apples have turned bright red, and a sweet fragrance infuses the air.
This orchard that stretches along central Hokkaido’s Fukagawa Interchange has about 3,000 trees. Approximately 100 apples grow on each five-meter tall tree.
Harvesting will also soon start for other varieties including “Asahi” apples, known for their sweet tartness and used as the logo for the American Apple Inc., and the “Himekami” variety with a large ratio of delicious “mitsuiri” watercore apples. Harvesting will continue until early November.
Apples will be available for direct-to-consumer purchasing at individual orchards and purchasable at the Road Station “Riceland Fukagawa” as well.


Road Station "Riceland Fukagawa"