Colorful fruit desserts at Noboribetsu CO-OP

Toyohiko Sweets line the product shelves like blooming flowers at the Shiga East CO-OP Sapporo

The private dessert brand developed by CO-OP Sapporo called “Toyohiko Sweets” started selling at their Shiga East location (Misonocho, Noboribetsu).

The name “Toyohiko” comes from the name of Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union (CO-OP) founder Kagawa Toyohiko. The line consists of 15 different desserts, all prepared in the shop. Selections include Strawberry Annin Tofu (354 yen), Smooth Mango Custard Pudding (322 yen), and Mango Daifuku Rice Cake (248 yen).

Fruit is portioned luxuriously, and the vibrant colors are eye-catching. With the goal of promoting local produce, the Toyohiko Sweets policy is to eventually use Nishiiburi ingredients, like Date-sourced strawberries.

On the April 14 product release day, the desserts immediately sparked popularity to the tune of about 70 units sold in around one hour from the 9:00 a.m. store opening. A Noboribetsu woman who purchased a “Fruit Sandwich” (270–410 yen) commented, “There is so much fruit packed in, and the colors are also vibrant. I want to enjoy these together with my whole family.”


Shiga East CO-OP Sapporo