Deliciously sweet and tender spring lettuce enters harvest peak in Mukawa

Juicy fresh spring lettuce harvested in Mukawa

In the town of Mukawa, located in the Central Hokkaido Iburi region, harvesting of the local specialty spring lettuce has reached its peak season. The leaves are reportedly tender and deliciously sweet.

According to the agricultural cooperative JA Mukawa, 66 farms in Mukawa are growing spring lettuce in approximately 730 greenhouses, and shipping started on March 13, several days earlier than normal.
Due to massive snowing, ventilation was temporarily disabled for some of farmer Maruyama Koji’s 24 greenhouses, causing some quality variations in the appearance of the lettuce. However, while hand harvesting lettuce with juicy fresh leaves, Koji commented, “The flavor is still as amazingly delicious as it always is. Enjoy this lettuce in salads or in shabu-shabu.”

Shipping will continue up to mid-May, with spring lettuce heads lining supermarket shelves all over Hokkaido.


Mukawa Town