Deliciously sweet Hobetsu Melons start shipping

Hobetsu melons undergoing a sugar content inspection before their first shipping

Shipping started on June 7 for “Hobetsu Melons”, a special product from the Central Hokkaido town of Mukawa.

Hobetsu Melons are known for their high sugar content and for staying fresh for a long time. This year, 27 farmers are growing two types of melons with deliciously thick, orange pulp on a total of approximately 16.3 hectares of land.

On June 7, a farmer named Ishizaki from the Hobetsu district brought in 44 boxes (8 kilos, or 4-6 melons, per 1 box) to the fruit sorting facility. The inspection results yielded a sugar content of 16.6%, which is strikingly higher than the standard of 13%. Ishizaki commented, “The weather in May was not all that good, so I was a bit worried. But the melons turned out to be wonderful, so I am relieved. I want to put smiles on lots of faces with sweet melons.”

Shipping will last until mid-August, with an expected overall production quantity of 230 tons and expected trade volume of 112 million yen. The melons will sell in supermarkets in places like Sapporo and Tomakomai, which is near Mukawa.


Hobetsu district, Mukawa Town