Diving for sea urchin begins early in Nemuro due to damage from red tide

Ezo-bafun sea urchin landed at Habomai fishing port

The Habomai Fisheries Cooperative in the Nemuro region of eastern Hokkaido began diving for sea urchin on the Pacific side of the Nemuro Peninsula on November 1. Diving for sea urchin usually starts in early December, but the start of the fishing season has been brought forward due to the increasing damage caused by the red tide.

Two small boats of less than 10 tons departed from the Habomai fishing port at approximately 7 a.m. on the 1st, and began fishing off the coast of the Tomoshiri in Nemuro. One of the boats, the 18th Kaiun-maru returned to the port after about two hours and landed approximately 20 kg of Ezo-bafun sea urchin (strongylocentrotus intermedius), which were auctioned on the morning of November 2nd.

A crewmember of the 18th Kaiun-maru said, “We managed to gather healthy sea urchins before the damage from the red tide progressed.” It is said that dead sea urchin that have turned white have been seen off the coast.

Six vessels from the Habomai Fisheries Cooperative are also scheduled to leave port and begin diving for sea urchin on the Sea of Okhotsk side of the Nemuro Peninsula. It has not been determined how long the fishing will continue.

The Ochiishi Fisheries Cooperative is also planning to start diving for sea urchin on November 20. A second diving survey was conducted on November 4, and the current state of the damage caused by the red tide was confirmed.


Habomai fishing port