Favorable response to Hakodate Lucky Pierrot’s first overseas sales

Lucky Pierrot products on display at the product fair in Taipei City (photo courtesy of The Hokkaido International Trade & Industry Promotion Association)

The Lucky Pierrot Group hamburger chain (Hakodate) is, for the first time, selling souvenirs overseas.
Potato chips and rare cheesecake on sale at a product fair being held in the city of Taipei, Taiwan have received a favorable response from Taiwanese customers who cannot travel overseas due to travel restrictions.
 The company has been proactively offering products at fairs held outside Hokkaido since the spread of the coronavirus.
This time, the products are being offered at the Hokkaido Fair held by The Hokkaido International Trade & Industry Promotion Association at a branch of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store in Taipei from October 22–November 5.
“There is a Taiwan flight to and from Hakodate, and awareness of Lucky Pierrot is high. The first overseas sales are those of some of the most popular products,” says the association, which cooperated with the Hakodate Chuo Branch of the North Pacific Bank to make participation in the event possible.
Approximately half of the 100 packs of potato chips that had been prepared on the first day sold out, and the sale of cheesecakes is also said to be going well. Representatives from Japan were not able to travel, but Lucky Pierrot’s C.E.O. Wang Miku used live internet broadcasts to promote the products.
“We want people to sense Hakodate’s air, and it would be nice if people decide they want to come to Hakodate and Lucky Pierrot,” says Wang.


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