First Hanasaki crabs of the season landed in Nemuro

Bright red, boiled Hanasaki crabs. 12:55 p.m. on July 11. Marunakaichi Sugiyama Suisan

Basket fishing for Hanasaki crabs, a specialty of Nemuro in eastern Hokkaido, began along the coast of the Nemuro Peninsula on July 11. On the first day of fishing, a total of 5.6 tons of crab were landed at Hanasaki Port and two other ports in the city. Although the amount landed was about the same as last year, the highest price was 4,847 yen per kilogram, 30% higher than last year. According to fishermen, many of the crabs are meatier than those caught last year.
At the factory of Marunakaichi Sugiyama Suisan, a crab vendor in the city, the crabs that were purchased that day were boiled, and locally caught Hanasaki crabs with bright red shells were sold for around 3,000 yen each at adjoining store. According to the company’s CEO, “The crabs will continue to become meatier, so we hope more people will eat them.” The fishing season ends on September 30.


Marunakaichi Sugiyama Suisan