First shipment of Akkeshi Hokkai Shrimp prompts high expectations for value and volume records to be broken

Hokkai Shrimps newly boiled in salted water

On June 6, the Akkeshi Fisheries Cooperative began fishing for Hokkai shrimps in Akkeshi Bay and Lake Akkeshi, heralding the arrival of early summer. Immediately after landing the shrimps, the fishermen placed them into a big pot, creating bright red boiled shrimps.
On the first day of fishing, the boats departed at 3:30 a.m. A total of approximately 50 kg of brown shrimps were landed from 50 baskets. “It’s a decent catch. Right now, they are medium sized but by mid-July there will be an increase in ‘large’ and ‘extra-large’ shrimps,” said one of the fishermen.
The shrimps are transported to the processing plant, placed in a large pot and boiled in salted water for about five minutes. When the brown bodies turn red, they are cooled by air from a fan, which helps create their plump texture and savory flavor.
According to the Akkeshi Market, 730 kg of shrimp arrived on the first day, with prices between 5,200 and 10,000 yen per kilogram, approximately 1,600 to 2,200 yen higher than last year. Fishing will continue until mid-August. Last year, favorable catches stabilized the price at landing, and both volume and value reached record highs of 28.2 tons and 116.6 million yen, respectively. Expectations are high for this year, too.

Newly landed Hokkai Shrimp are brown, the same color as the algae in waters they inhabit
Boiled shrimps offered in the first auction of the year. The shrimps fetched higher prices than last year


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