First Shiranuka restaurant featured in French gourmet dining guide

Chef Urushizaki reports, "It is an honor to be selected for such an authoritative guide book."

“Farm Restaurant Cuore” in the town of Shiranuka in Eastern Hokkaido’s Kushiro region was selected for the Japanese edition of “Gault&Millau 2021”. The restaurant was recognized for its usage of local ingredients and homemade beverages. “Gault&Millau” is a gourmet dining guidebook from France that is akin to the “Michelin Guide”, a book which rates eateries, bars, and lodging facilities. Farm Restaurant Cuore has also been listed in the Hokkaido edition of the Michelin Guide. Chef Urushizaki Yuya was overjoyed, saying, “Being selected for two authoritative guidebooks is a high honor as a chef.”

“Gault&Millau” is a food guidebook from France that has been published since 1972. Mystery diners evaluate the entire dining experience at a restaurant, “from the telephone reservation to showing the diner out after the meal.” The book is still not immensely familiar in Japan yet, but across the globe it is considered as authoritative as the Michelin Guide.

The book is currently published in 15 countries worldwide, and the Japan edition has been published by Gastronomy&Partners since 2017. The 2021 edition was released in February. It contains recommendations for 403 establishments across Japan (35 in Hokkaido).

In this edition, “Cuore” was the only restaurant chosen from the Kushiro region. In reference to how the restaurant lavishly uses ingredients grown and made in Shiranuka like vegetables and cheese, the article reported, “This plays the role of a wonderful anchor serving the guests with products made from local produce and meats.” The article praised the main lamb dish as well, stating, “Meat grilled to a rose color without any hint of gaminess may only be possible at a restaurant like this that operates its own ranching pasture.” It added, “Particularly of note are the homemade drinks. The chef’s devotion to quality can very much be felt in the beverage menu, with fruit wine and a plentiful selection of nonalcoholic beverages as well.”

Chef Urushizaki said, “Ingredients grown and made in Shiranuka are amazing, and I very much want the word to spread.”


Farm Restaurant Cuore