Flavor of nature in grass fed milk, available in Nishiokoppe

Nishiokoppe Village Grass Fed Milk provides the natural flavor of milk

Dairy product processing company “Milk Design Hokkaido” located in Nishiokoppe Village in the Eastern Hokkaido Okhotsk region released the new “Nishiokoppe Village Grass Fed Milk”, made from cows raised on grass only. Feeding cattle grass instead of a grain diet imbues this product with the delicious, natural flavor of milk.

The raw milk is taken from three types of range-raised cattle: Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss. In order to actualize a more natural flavor, the milk uses a “non-homogenized” processing method in which it does not undergo homogenization and a “low-temperature pasteurization” process that does not degrade the protein. A smooth texture and a hint of the aroma of pasture grass are its main features.

When Milk Design Hokkaido President Yamada Naohiro learned of the attention surrounding grass fed milk in the West, he spotted a business chance in the conviction that even in Japan, “There must definitely be people who are interested in the flavor of natural milk.”

A 200 ml bottle is 230 yen. For the time being, the company is producing about 20 bottles in a day. Milk consumption is stagnating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Yamada forges ahead, saying, “We hope introducing a new selection will increase consumption.”

The milk is available at spots including Hotel Rimu in the village and the roadside rest area “Nishiokoppe KAMU”. The company is planning to expand sales channels into Sapporo and Tokyo in the future.


Milk Design Hokkaido