Food court opens at Hakodate Airport

HAKOYA, which has opened in the space overlooking the runway of Hakodate Airport

A food-court-style restaurant serving rice topped with seafood opened on February 16 in “HakoDake HaLL”, a multipurpose space on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building of Hakodate Airport. It’s the first time a shop serving food and drink has been permanently established in the space, which overlooks the runway. As passenger numbers at the airport have dropped drastically due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the establishment hopes to attract local residents.

 The said establishment is HAKOYA, which offers a menu that includes 6 dishes of rice topped with seafood, such as “rice topped with diced raw tuna, salmon and shrimp” (880 yen), as well as a “Iwanori (rock laver) boxed lunch” (800 yen). The establishment is run by “Kaneka”, which also runs the IZAKAYA HAKOYA in Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate that is especially popular among locals for its dishes comprising rice topped with seafood. According to Kaneka’s CEO, “We hope customers will savor the seafood delicacies while watching the aircraft take-off and land.”


Hakodate Airport