Food fair at ten Sapporo shops featuring sweets and baked goods with Hokkaido anko paste

"MATCHA CAFÉ & SWEETS RIQ" is offering soft serve ice cream (left) and crepes (right) made with Hokkaido anko paste

A fair spotlighting sweets and bakery items featuring anko paste made from Hokkaido-grown adzuki beans started on September 20 in ten Sapporo shops, focusing on cafes and bakeries.

The fair is sponsored by the Hokkaido Agriculture Fund Association, which is composed of organizations including Japan Agricultural Cooperatives. It is the first installation of this new event, which was planned to spur consumption of Hokkaido-grown adzuki beans amidst a COVID-19 pandemic related decrease in demand for local souvenir products like onsen manju buns filled with anko paste.

Each shop has created one or two original products with anko paste, including manju buns, donuts, and bakery goods. “MATCHA CAFÉ & SWEETS RIQ” in Chuo ward is serving crepes and soft serve ice cream made with chunky anko paste. Shop Manager Sawasato reports, “We want people to rediscover the amazing texture of anko paste.” The fair will last until October 31.