Fresh, raw Tokoro scallops airfreighted to the Tokyo metropolis

On June 21, Japan Airlines and its group company JALUX, in cooperation with the Tokoro Fisheries Cooperative (Kitami), began airfreighting fresh, raw Tokoro-produced scallops to the Tokyo metropolitan area. The aim is to ship 2 tons per month, and the project is scheduled to continue until late December.
Usually, the adductor muscles of the scallops are processed and flash frozen before being distributed. This time, scallops are landed and processed on the day before shipment, transported to Memanbetsu Airport and put on the 3:15 p.m. flight to Haneda. The scallops will be on the supermarket shelves the following day. As JALUX is handling distribution from Haneda Airport to the supermarkets, it is possible to deliver the products from the production area to the retailers in the shortest possible time.
In the future, JAL and JALUX will also consider airlifting corn produced in Tokachi, and agricultural and marine products from Kyushu and Okinawa.

Fresh, raw scallops being loaded into an aircraft container bound for Hanada. June 21, Memanbetsu Airport