Furano ‘red-fleshed melon’ used in MOS shakes

The ‘Mix Shake Red-fleshed Melon (Hokkaido)’ milk beverage made with red-fleshed melon produced in Furano (photo courtesy of MOS Food Services)

On May 20, MOS Food Services, Inc. (Tokyo), which runs the “MOS Burger” chain of hamburger restaurants, began selling ‘Mix Shake Red-fleshed Melon (Hokkaido)’ – a milk beverage made with red-fleshed melon produced in Furano – at establishments nationwide. Those concerned in Furano hope it will increase recognition of locally produced melons.

  The product is a ‘MOS Shake Vanilla’ milk beverage mixed with sauce and sherbet from JA Furano (Furano Agricultural Cooperative) red-fleshed melon. A change of flavor can be enjoyed while mixing the sauce and sherbet into the drink. The small size costs 310 yen; medium size is 380 yen.

 Red-fleshed melon is the third in the ’Mix Shake’ series and will be sold until mid-July.
 The MOS Food Services’ Publicity and Investor Relations group says “It has a strong sweetness and aroma, and a rich taste. We chose it with an emphasis on the balance when mixed with a milkshake.” The product is said to have received favorable reviews when it went on limited sale in Hokkaido and Okinawa last October.

 “It’s a chance for Furano Melon to become known nationwide,” says the person responsible for fruit and vegetables at JA Furano. In addition, the head of the Furano Melon Production Section says “We’re happy it has not been mixed with other melons. We want people to fully enjoy the juice of Furano Melon.”


JA Furano