Great aki-sake salmon harvest at Indiansuisha in Chitose

Aki-sake salmon harvesting facility: Indiansuisha
Aki-sake salmon harvested at Indiansuisha

Salmon harvesting began in earnest for this season at the aki-sake salmon (also called shirozake salmon) harvesting facility “Indiansuisha” located along Chitose River in the Hanazono area of Chitose in central Hokkaido.
On July 19 a water wheel was installed, and 11,659 salmon were harvested by August 31. This is a very favorable harvest, measuring 2.7 times larger than the same season last year.
According to an organization called the Sea of Japan Salmon and Trout Proliferation Association (Chitose) that captures and holds broodfish to increase hatch yield, there is a high percentage of fish measuring around 70 centimeters long, which is the average in normal years.
The salmon were taken to the incubation area, where their eggs will be collected starting around September 4, when they have fully matured.
The water wheel will operate until around December 10. Just as in other years, the plan is to harvest somewhere over 130,000 salmon, produce around 90 million fertilized eggs, and use these resources to stock other rivers as well.