Halal certified milk beverages available

Milk beverages printed with halal certification logos

Yotsuba Milk Products started putting halal certification logos on Long Life (LL) milk and milk beverages in mid-September to accelerate exporting for Southeast Asia. The logo certifies that the products comply with Islamic law. The company is aiming to accelerate exporting to Southeast Asia. The company spokesperson said, “We would like to consider exporting to Malaysia and Indonesia in the future as well.”
The logos will be put on three kinds of milk beverages, including two kinds of LL milk and “Yotsuba Milk Coffee.” LL milk can be kept fresh at room temperature for a long period of time. All of these products are produced in compliance with halal rules by a 2014 halal certified subsidiary, Kumiai Milk Products (Asahikawa). The certification logos were added in the container redesign process. The logo will be on products distributed in Japan as well.
Yotsuba Milk Products also acquired certification at all four factories in Hokkaido by 2017 and produces cheese and butter for the food industry. Their exporting business to Singapore is doing well and sales of halal products for all group companies rose to just over 200 million yen in 2019, which is 20% more than the previous year.