Harvest season: Wheat loaded and shipped from Abashiri port facility

Amidst the ever advancing harvest season, wheat is being loaded up for shipping from a wheat collection and shipment facility in northeast Hokkaido’s Abashiri City. The facility was constructed in 2014 by the city and it proudly achieved the largest amount of shipments in Japan. Wheat produced in various areas in the Okhotsk region is carried in by trucks and stored in 24 large-sized silos (1 silo stores 750 tons) in the facility. Loading and shipping work is carried out every year from April until around January in the next year before drift ice gets close to the port. The wheat will be delivered nationwide. The amount of wheat handled in the last period was approximately 124,000 tons. That is about 70% of the amount harvested in the whole Okhotsk region.


Wheat collection and shipment facility