Height of sweet cherry harvest

Red cherries in the Miyago Orchard

It’s the height of the cherry harvest season in the southern Hokkaido town of Nanae, which is famous for the cultivation of fruit trees. The trees in the orchards are adorned with red cherries, which producers harvest carefully by hand.

Forty-four trees of 5 varieties, including ‘Satonishiki’ and ‘Koukanishiki’ are grown at the Miyago Orchard, the owner of which says “Harvest is a little late but the fruit is red, ripe and sweet. We also want locals to enjoy the taste.” Cherries from the orchard can be purchased from 3 produce stands in the Narukawa district of the town as well as the Nanairo Nanae Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest area).


Miyago Orchard