Herring Roe Sun-Drying Started

Herring Roe Sun-Drying

The season has begun again for the herring roe flavor enhancing process of sun-drying in Rumoi City, Japan’s top herring roe producer.

On July 6, Hokkaido’s largest herring roe provider Ihara & Co., Ltd. (Rumoi City) prepared 700 kg of herring roe caught in Rumoi Subprefecture this summer and begun sun-drying the roe under a cloudless sky.

Workers carefully placed herring roe clusters on racks one-by-one, flipping them and removing impurities. After a week of sun-drying, the pale yellow herring roe clusters will shrink by about one quarter of their original size and take on a tortoiseshell colour.

The high-end product, dried herring roe, will be shipped mainly to the Kanto region from around November and is usually traded for about 80,000 yen per kilo every year.


Ihara Suisan