Hokkaido’s first ‘Japanese whisky’ for sale

‘Boshu’, Hokkaido’s first ‘Japanese whisky’

Whisky manufacturer Kenten Co., Ltd. Akkeshi Distillery (Akkeshi, eastern Hokkaido) will begin selling its new product, ‘Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Boshu’ on May 28. It is the first Hokkaido product to be sold under the name of ‘Japanese whisky’, which is proof of it being distilled in Japan, and approximately ten thousand 700-ml bottles will be produced.

‘Boshu’ is the third in the ‘24 Sekki Series’ in which spring, summer, autumn and winter Akkeshi whiskies can be enjoyed. It uses unrefined whiskies distilled and matured in Akkeshi, with an alcohol content of 55%. Bottling began on April 19, and the dark green bottle labels are inscribed with the words ‘Japanese whisky’.
“It has a sweet, custard-like aroma followed by a strong peaty (smoky) aroma. The richness and sweetness infiltrate the nasal cavity when drunk straight,” says the PR spokesperson.

In order to rectify the situation in which products made from imported unrefined whiskies are distributed under the same name, the Japan Spirits & and Liqueurs Makers Association (Tokyo) defines ‘Japanese whisky’ as whisky matured in Japan in wooden barrels for at least three years. Akkeshi Distillery met these criteria from last year but released ‘Boshu’ for sale in line with the new labelling rules, which began in April.

The whisky will cost 16,500 yen per bottle, and will be available from department and liquor stores throughout Japan, as well as Akkeshi Michi-no-Eki (roadside station) and the like from May 28.


Akkeshi Michi-no-Eki (roadside station)