Hokkaido’s largest-scale cherry farm opens for the season

Visitors picking ripe cherries at the Ohashi Cherry Farm

Ohashi Cherry Farm in the city of Ashibetsu in the Sorachi region of central Hokkaido opened for business for the season, on June 29.
The 4.7-hectare farm is one of the largest-scale tourist cherry orchards in Hokkaido, with 1,300 trees producing 60 varieties of cherries. On the day of opening, of the three sections of fields, the ‘public fields’ – in which 10 varieties of edible cherries, including ‘Sato-nishiki,’ ‘June Bright’ and ‘Oko-nishiki’ grow – were opened. The ‘Nanyo’ and ‘Gassan-nishiki’ fields will open in mid-July.
The farm is thoroughly disinfected, and visitors enter after having their temperature taken and hands sanitized. A male office worker from Tokyo who was visiting the farm for the first time, during a trip to Hokkaido said, “I was satisfied as I was able to eat many varieties and didn’t get wet in the rain.”
Admission is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the farm is open every day. The adjacent Nakanishi Cherry Farm also opened for business on the 28th.


Ohashi Cherry Farm