Hokuto tomato roll cake sold from June 26

Roll cake made with sponge and cream that contain abundant amounts of Hokuto tomatoes

On June 26, the Shin Hakodate Agricultural Cooperative (Hokuto) in southern Hokkaido began selling ‘Dojima Roll Tomato Mix,” a roll cake made with tomatoes produced in the city of Hokuto.

This is the 2nd in a series of sweets made from tomatoes, after the sale of cream puffs in April. This time, the product was developed by Mon cher Co., Ltd. (Osaka), which produces and sells the popular Dojima Roll cake.

The completed roll cake is made from sponge and cream to which jam made from tomatoes produced in Hokuto has been added. By using two types of cream made with different amounts of tomatoes, both the tartness of the tomatoes and sweetness of the cream can be savored.

Half-size roll cakes (180 grams) cost 1,000 yen, but will be sold for a discount price of 900 yen until the end of August. The cakes are available from the Shin Hakodate Agricultural Cooperative direct sales store ‘Aguriheiya’.