Ice cream contest held at New Chitose Airport

The panel established in the airport to promote the soft-serve and ice cream contest

The ‘New Chitose Airport Soft-serve and Ice Cream Contest’ has been held to determine the most popular soft-serve ice cream and ice cream at New Chitose Airport,

This election-type event was held for the first time in 2018, to promote the variety of soft-serve ice cream and ice cream available at stores in the airport. The event, the third of its kind, is sponsored by Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd., and 30 stores will participate.

 Votes are accepted until June 13, and can be cast via a dedicated form on the terminal building website. grandprix2022.html (Japanese language only).
In July, the top few stores will be announced on the official website and posted in the airport. Voters will be entered into a draw, from which 30 will be selected to receive a coupon worth 1,000 yen to spend at the airport.

 “Some items are only available at the airport, so we hope you will compare them and find your favorite,” said the person responsible for the event.


New Chitose Airport