Indulging in oysters and shirasu, seasonal flavors in Suttsu

"Kotobuki Oysters" at a direct sales shop. A "take as much as you can carry" deal was available on May 8, the final day of the Golden Week vacation
"Raw Shirasu Rice Bowl", a Shirasu Kaikan tradition

Famous “Kotobuki Oysters” and shirasu (whitebait) are special products of Suttsu, a town located in the Central Hokkaido Shiribeshi region. Fisheries have started harvesting and shipping them for this season, and tourists are flocking to Suttsu eateries to indulge in these seasonal flavors.

Kotobuki Oysters are grown in Suttsu Bay by 12 local operators. Selling for this year started on April 29. The shipped amount is reportedly expected to not exceed around 30% of an average year. The selling period is expected to only last up to the end of June, which is two months shorter than usual.

A fisherman commented on oyster quality for this year, “The quantity is low, but the meat is coming in nicely and customer response is outstanding.” The price is 150 yen for one jumbo sized oyster (180 grams and up including the shell). They are available at places such as direct sales shops run by local fishermen.

The shirasu harvest season opened on April 26. The Suttsu Town eatery “Shirasu Kaikan” began offering their traditional “Raw Shirasu Rice Bowl” (1,500 yen) on April 27.

During the Golden Week vacation from late April to early May, the eatery boasted popularity on the level of some 400 customers per day from all over Hokkaido. Suttsu sourced shirasu was on the menu up through the end of May.


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