Information on 230 kinds of Southern Hokkaido foods and beverages, including wagyu beef and wine, and chef columns

The "Minami Hokkaido Shokusai Okoku" booklet introduces Southern Hokkaido food and beverages with special coverage pages on items including wine and Japanese amberjack fish

The Oshima General Subprefectural Bureau has produced “Minami Hokkaido Shokusai Okoku” (Southern Hokkaido Food Kingdom), a booklet that introduces foods and beverages from 18 cities and towns in the Southern Hokkaido region.

The booklet lists approximately 230 kinds of foods and processed products including gagome kombu kelp and wagyu beef from Oguni Beef. In addition to special coverage pages on foods and beverages growing in popularity in Southern Hokkaido such as wines, Japanese amberjack fish, Japanese sake, and marine plants, the booklet also boasts the new feature of columns in which chefs discuss their special techniques.

The Bureau completed the first overall revision in nine years, and published the new version on March 29. They printed one thousand copies of the 167 page booklet at A4 size and added approximately 100 kinds of foods and products. The Bureau distributed copies to chefs and buyers, aiming to support market expansion for Southern Hokkaido foods and beverages.

The Bureau plans to provide public access to the booklet by putting it on their website from late April onward.