Kitami onion shipments thriving

The harvesting, sorting, and shipping of Kitami-grown onions are booming. Kitami grows the largest amount of onions in Japan. This year Kitami was blessed with good weather, and they are expecting to ship up to 10,000 to 20,000 tons more than the average year. However, shipment decreases for onions used in the food industry and processing are also unavoidable because restaurants and lodging facilities are facing difficulties due to the corona virus pandemic. Therefore, business insiders are keeping an eye on market trends.
A peak in sorting and shipping is approaching at Japan’s largest collecting and shipping facility that stepped up to full activity from the summer last year under the operation of Kitamirai Agricultural Cooperative (Kitami).
This facility is operating fully with a 450-ton per-day selection capability. Workers and robots are working on jobs such as box packing.