Long-awaited Yoichi cider arrives, along with Shiribeshi region limited white wine from Niki Winery

Kiuchi (right) holding the cider released for the first time, and Ueda with the white wine limited to sale in Shiribeshi restaurants

The first cider brewed by Pink Orchards, a cider brewery in the town of Yoichi in the Shiribeshi region of central Hokkaido, and a white wine produced by Domaine ICHI, a winery in the town of Niki, which is only available in restaurants in the region, have been released.
To celebrate the release, an unveiling party hosted by Mr. Chiku Masahiro, president of Cave de Bambou, a wine store in Niseko, was held in Yoichi on December 19, in which the beverages were served to wine enthusiasts.
The cider, ‘River & Field,’ is made from six kinds of apples grown in Yoichi, including Bramley – which has a strong acidity and is used for cooking – and Fuji, which is usually eaten raw. The brew was fermented twice and the second fermentation bottled. It has a dry, refreshing taste and, according to Mr. Chiku, “It’s a mellow type, mainly made from eating apples, but the acidity of the Bramley gives it a good balance.” A limited edition of 1,200 bottles will be sold at liquor stores in and around Yoichi for 1,980 yen (tax included). “This is a long-awaited release. I can’t wait to work with the apples I grew for brewing,” said Kiuchi Mika, representative of Pink Orchards.
Meanwhile, the ‘Blanc de Noirs’ white wine is made by adding a fungus known as noble rot to 2019 Pinot Noir and aging it in barrels and bottles for one year each. Because the grapes are organically grown, they could be made into wine without being thrown away. “The black grapes have a rich flavor, and the two-year aging process improves the taste,” says Chiku. According to Mr. Ueda, CEO of Domaine ICHI, “This is the first batch of wine limited to sale in restaurants. We hope you enjoy it with a meal.” The batch is limited to 300 bottles.


Pink Orchards

Domaine ICHI